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Patent Act of 1952

Patent Act of 1952

The Patent Act of 1952 was passed by the United States Congress to clarify the language on patent law as was in effect throughout the country. Though Congress enjoys the Constitutional right to rule on patent law, as provided for by Article One, Section 8(8), up to the pointprima facie evidence as to laws, a valid source of law by itself. With this general task in mind, the House sub-committee responsible decided to take on patent law as an area in need of change.
In this regard, even if the Patent Act of 1952 had not altered any specific detail of American patent law, it would have still been significant simply by placing all of these details in the same place. As it is today, Federal law on patents are grouped into three main categoriesPatent and Trademark Office. As it happens, the Patent Act of 1952 did substantively for Patent ability. 
The 1975 act related to “The Patent Invention Treaty” provided the first major alteration to the Patent Act of 1952.