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International Patent Cooperation Union in the Patent Cooperation Treaty

International Patent Cooperation Union in the Patent Cooperation Treaty


The Patent Cooperation Treaty has a coalition of 142 members as of 2009. The countries comprising this membership make it possible for their domestic patents to be internationally recognized and protected in a broad spectrum. The signatories to the Patent Cooperation Union make it possible for the regulations and provisions provided to become a sort of international patent law that governs patents at the international level. Though actual international patents do not exist, the PCT is established and deemed as international patent law for it creates the opportunity for protection rights in foreign countries. The signatories or members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty make up what is known as the International Patent Cooperation Union. 

This Union also has an Assembly, which meets to discuss matters pertaining to the PCT and international patent law concerns. As of 2009, the Assembly has met forty times, with the last Assembly undertaking matters as amendments to the PCT Regulations, management systems for the PCT International Authorities, and appointment of various foreign patent offices Searching and Examining Authorities for the PCT. Every signatory state or country is member of the Assembly. The overall purpose of the Assembly is to confer and discuss on various topics such as the amendment of the PCT Regulations as found under the Treaty, the budget of the Union, the regulation of imposed fees under the PCT system, and the adoption of the triennial budget program.

The Assembly itself also has established an Executive Committee. Each signatory nation may appoint one representative or delegate to the Committee. The Executive Committee is in charge of drafting the agenda for the Assembly, submitting proposals and periodical reports, and other duties as delegated by the Assembly. The Committee is to be comprised of exactly one-fourth of the number of members of the Assembly. As of its revision in 2001, the tasks and duties assigned to the can be found under Chapter V of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Arguably, the most important task under taken by both the Assembly and the Committee is to appropriately determine and evaluate the international patent law revisions as submitted during each conference. 

The international patent law provisions under the Treaty affect in signatory nation and the effort for revisions and amendments are made in a collaborative and cohesive effort with the purpose of allowing equal representation in the Assembly, as well as securing international patent rights and protection for all of the member nations involved the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Contact patent lawyers to review your case.