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Read This Before Paying Patent Fees!

Read This Before Paying Patent Fees!The registration of patents in the United States,
which is administered by the United States Patent
and Trademark Office
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The latter category applies also to the patent costs incurred by a filing made
at a later time for the reissuing of patent rights, which for a utility patent
will again amount to the initial patent costs of $690. Disclaimers made during
the process cost $110. Appeals made during the process to alter a decision cost
$300, and briefs in the support of the appeal another $300 each. In-person
appearances before the appeals board cost $260.

Reviving a patent application after a period of time in which it had been
abandoned costs $1,210, as will cases in which the fee for issuance had gone
unfulfilled or a response was not made to the USPTO in reference to the need
for further questioning. If the case can be found to fall under the heading of
Sections 133 or 151 of Article 35 of the United States Code, then these patent
fees will be greatly reduced, to only $110. Petitions for additional months to
fulfill USPTO requirements cost, in sequence of requests made and month-long
extensions received, $110, $270, and $490.