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Does Patent Infringement Require an Attorney?

Does Patent Infringement Require an Attorney?

United States patent lawapplicationregistration processpatent protectionexclusive rights
The patent attorney can file an infringement lawsuit
Determining what kind of patent infringement has occurred and
specifically, if that infringement is of willful nature.

Organize and track the information and correspondence between
the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Draft infringement letters and legal opinions.

Produce references and expert witnesses to support the
client’s claim.

Analyze and interpret patent laws.

Assess the liability of the defendant and determine whether
the client is eligible for compensation.

Patent infringement attorneys may also be hired in the case that patent
infringement lawsuit is levied against the client, in which case the
responsibilities may shift in accordance to the nature of the case. In this
circumstance, the patent attorney will diligently review and analyze the claims
that the patented invention states, and determine whether or not his/her client
actually infringed the patent rights in accordance to the definitions provided.
Furthermore, the patent lawyer will be responsible in proving how the client’s
product is different from the claims under the patented device, and therefore,
can not be regarded to be found in patent infringement.