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How to Fix Patent Infringement

How to Fix Patent Infringement

Under United States Patent Lawpatent infringement lawsuits The most basic form of patent infringement remedies is injunction. Courts presiding over patent infringement lawsuits will often grant injunctions to prevent the further violation of patent rights and protectionsPatent attorneysThe final type of patent infringement remedies is much less common, and not always rendered. In certain extreme circumstances, the courts may find it appropriate to award attorney fees to the prevailing party of patent infringement lawsuits. 
The situation must be such that the court proceedings have proven to be extreme in both length and costs, and at the discretion of the judge, attorney fees may be awarded. Patent infringement remedies are not just limited to the court room and in patent infringement lawsuits or litigation. The simplest and most common will prove to be the simple marking of the patented product with the appropriate mark. Though not really considered a true remedy in legal definitions, it proves to be an effective preventative measure, as well as a potential tool in the litigation process itself as evidence.