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Officers and Employees of the Patent Office

Officers and Employees of the Patent Office

The Director of the Patent Office is appointed by the President with following input from the Senate. The Director should be a United States citizen with a professional background in patents and trademark law. The Director is responsible for providing leadership and order within the Patent Office. The Director is also responsible for the issuance of patents and trademark registration. These duties must be performed in an impartial manner. An oath is required to be stated before anyone can take over as Director.
Only the President can remove the Director and he must notify both houses of congress when he plans to do so. Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Secretary of Commerce appoints the Deputy and Deputy Director of the USPTO. The Deputy Director shall act as the Director in the absence of the Director.
 The Commissioner is appointed by the Secretary of Commerce.Should have management skills. Should have a patent and trademark professional background.Will serve a term of 5 years.Must make sure all office duties including patent and trademark registration run smoothly.Can be reappointed for another 5 years following a term.Can be removed for unsatisfactory performance by the Secretary of Commerce.

Other Officers and Employees

The Director shall appoint officers and employees which includes attorneys to carry out the functions of the office. The Director will delegate the responsibilities of all employees they hire. Will not be eligible to have any inventions or trademarks registered during their time working for the USPTO or for one year removed from their position.

Training of Examiners
         The USPTO shall submit a proposal to congress to train more employees to make up for those that are retiring.

National Security Positions

         The Director shall maintain a program for identifying those best suited for protecting certain inventions or patents that could have an effect on national security.