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Powers and Duties of the USPTO

Powers and Duties of the USPTO

The United States Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) act under the authority of the Secretary of Commerce. The main responsibility of the USPTO is to grant and issue patents trademarks. Providing a seal to represent the USPTO on all trademarked and patented items.
         Govern the conduct of proceedings in the office.
         Facilitate and expedite the process of patent applications which includes filing, storing, processing and searching.
         Judge attorneys and other agents to make sure they are of good character when determining if they are suitable to advise the public on matters pertaining to the USPTO.
         Evaluate cost effectiveness of procedures within the office and pertaining to the public. 
         They may alter, create, create, hold or manage any property within the USPTO if believed necessary.
         May use, with consent, the functions and instruments used by other federal government agencies.
         Retain all revenues and receipts. 
         Advise the President on certain intellectual property issues.
         Provide guidance or support to foreign nations regarding intellectual property issues.
         Shall advise the Secretary of Commerce on research and programs as well as conduct their own.
         Shall authorize along with the Secretary of State, the transfers of no more than $100,000 to international intergovernmental organizations for studies and programs meant to advance international cooperation concerning patents, trademarks and other matters.